How to play Drunken Boxing game?

Boxers, this game is for you! If you don't know yet how a fight in a ring is exciting, you can find out with this game!
Stickman characters are in two different colors and these stickmans are right in the middle of a ring! They want to go left and right in the ring to give their opponent a fatal punch! But when they get punched, their lives decrease. You can follow their health and remaining strength to punch. The power of punching will be filled by itself, but you will never run out!
While your opponent is making a move, you have to go back and defend yourself. You have to be very careful and please them for this spectator fight! You will do this by proving that you are a good fighter too!
The stickman whose health runs out will be kicked out of the ring and the next round will be switched. Good luck!


Player 1: WASD

Player 2: Arrow keys

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