How to play DRUNKEN DUEL game?

You are faced with a colorful and exciting game! The game is a little complicated, but it only takes minutes to solve.
You can play both people when starting the game. This game will be more enjoyable if you play with your friend!
When you start, you will see two blue and orange men. It will count down from three and the game will begin when you're ready.
Your aim is to kill the other person by shooting! Of course you have to do it before that. There are five stars under your characters. The winner of each hand earns a star. Whoever reaches five stars in total wins the game.
Try to kill your opponent with your cool weapons and characters. The sooner you do this, the better your chances of winning. Nothing is over. Turn around and defeat your opponent!
Good luck.


Player 1: W

Player 2: Up arrow key

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