How to play EG MINI CAR game?

Mini cars will do what they know best in this game! Car race! You too, start this game with this multiplayer mode and enjoy the competition!
Choose from solo or versus modes to start the game. Then you will choose your cars and the arena where you will race. When choosing the arena, you will be able to look at the arena from a bird's eye view. Choose the toughest arena and make this race even more fun!
You control your car very well in this game with rocks and obstacles. At the same time, you should increase your speed as much as possible and not let other cars pass you. You can check how many laps you are on and where you are in the top left of your screen.
Reach the finish line by passing your friend and other players in this race of 4 players! Good luck.


Player 1: Arrow keys

Player 2: ESDF

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