The beautiful Elsa and her beloved family are with you this Christmas! Elsa, who is in a difficult situation with her two children, wants you to help prepare for Christmas.
For the Christmas guests, and of course, Santa, you have to clean Elsa's house and help her. She really needs you for her Christmas 2020!
You must first collect the diapers around. They are not hygienic at all and they smell really bad! Then you have to collect the scattered clothes of these sweet babies in the basket.
After putting your toys in the drawer, you should start wiping the windows for Christmas. We don't have much time left, and Santa is almost here! Santa doesn't like unclean places!
After cleaning, it's time for the fun part! Ready to decorate your home for Christmas? I'm sure the 2020 Christmas will be better than any other Christmas!
After placing your Christmas tree, decorate the tree too. This will be really fascinating. Have fun!



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