How to play Elves Bros Vs Zombies game?

Are you ready for the adventure where these cute friends that you can play with two and three people will also help you? This game will help you to spend your time in the most fun way!
In this adventure, you have to race against zombies. You have to avoid them. You have fruit-shaped bombs if they come your way. You will use them!
The bomb will wait where you left it and the zombie will explode as soon as it arrives! This way, you will be able to clear your way and continue. At the bottom of the screen you will see how many diamonds you need to collect. Can you collect all the diamonds and move on to the next level?
Once you have collected all the diamonds, you will automatically move on to the next level. Destroy all other obstacles as you destroy zombies!
Good luck and have fun!


Player 1: WASD

Player 2: Arrow keys

Player 3: JIKL

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