Exhibit of Sorrows offers a brief yet spine-chilling gaming experience, immersing players in a peculiar circus-themed exhibit. Step into this enigmatic interactive museum, heed its instructions, and beware of the clown's wrath!

Instructions for Gameplay: The Exhibit of Sorrows holds more than meets the eye. Traverse through its increasingly eerie displays and observe the peculiar dolls showcased within. Engage with these dolls to unveil hidden keys, but be prepared to undertake dreadful tasks for your escape.

As you progress, the atmosphere grows progressively darker and more unsettling. Familiar exhibits transform into disturbing new forms, amplifying your sense of dread and urgency. Brace yourself for harrowing decisions as you strive for freedom.

Despite its ominous ambiance, the game conceals a gripping narrative that will keep you captivated until the end. Exhibit of Sorrows promises a truly immersive horror experience that demands to be seen through to its conclusion.

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