How to play EXTREME HAND SLAP game?

This classic fry game is a game that will maximize our excitement! Most of us know how to play this game. Let's tell it again for those who don't know!
In this game played with two players, it is your turn, one opponent and one you. To get started, you need to press the ready button. The person determined first tries to hit the other's hand. If he can hit it, he'll continue to turn it. But if his opponent pulls his hand before he strikes, it is his turn. Now he will start hitting.
You will see for yourself how your opponent's hand turns red as you progress in the game! Your friend will go crazy when his hand is blushing! Be careful, don't be the one blushing!
You have to create your own strategy in this game that requires lots of focus. You have to defeat your opponent in a moment that he never expected. And you must try not to miss his hand.
Good luck to everyone playing this very entertaining game!


W and up arrow key.

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