How to play Fall Cars : Hexagon game?

Anyone who loves to drive will love this game. Driving is not the only thing you will do. This makes it even more difficult.
There are 3 tracks one under the other. You will have to drive the car as soon as you land on this track made of green hexagons. You ask why?
Because each hexagon disappears after about a second. If you don't drive you will fall down! Falling loses from all 3 tracks!
Before you fall, navigate the trail as much as you can. You can also play with a friend. This time you will play with 10 people again. The only difference is that if either of you falls, the game is over and the other wins.
Confident drivers come to this game! Make a difference to your opponents in this game where you double the fun with your friend! We are sure it is not difficult to do this!
Good luck!


Player 1 : Arrow Keys

Player 2 : WASD

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