Fire Girl and Water Boy : Candy Forest


How to play Fire Girl and Water Boy : Candy Forest game?

You are faced with one of the most legendary and most played games ever! This time your characters will not be fictional characters. You will play with real human characters.
A girl will play the fire character and a boy will play the water character. You will go on a very fun adventure by cooperating on various platforms. These adventures and platforms will sometimes be very challenging. Aside from the difficulty of the arena, there is one more thing to be aware of this time! Each level will have its own duration and you will try to finish the level before the time runs out!
Levels will come one after the other and there will be colorful candies to collect in each stage. These candies will increase your score. At the same time, each of you must collect a key to continue in the game. Each player has their own key and without these keys you will not be able to unlock your door.
You can play this game by one person if you want. You can enjoy a one-person entertainment by collecting various doors and a key in the color of each door. Have fun.


Player 1: Arrow keys

Player 2: WASD

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