Fireball And Waterball Adventure 4


How to play Fireball And Waterball Adventure game?

You are about to embark on a thrilling adventure with fireball and water polo! Buckle up and join fireball and water polo in this action-packed adventure!
Although it is similar to the adventures of Fireboy and the watergirl, this is different. They got even more cute with the graphics and visual effects! Invite your friend too and make this adventure more fun!
There will be tracks and levels in this game that you will play with two players. Each level indicates a different course. It gets harder and harder and you improve yourself.
Will you be able to come to other levels with cooperation in this game where you will start from the first level? Come and show how close you can cooperate with your friend!
Good luck and have fun!


Fireball: WASD

Waterball: Arrow keys

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