Fireboy Watergirl Island Survival 3


How to play Fireboy Watergirl Island Survival 3 game?

Fireboy and Watergirl need your help! There are challenging tracks to pass and you have to direct them! Summon a friend and co-op this adventure together!
You have to determine who will be the fire boy and the water girl. Which one will you choose to be? If you choose the fire you cannot enter the water. If you choose water, you cannot enter the fire. Show what your preference will be by playing!
Between levels, you will start at level one. The chapters will get harder as you go. You will have to cooperate otherwise you will not be able to beat the level. Call a friend you trust and finish this game as soon as possible!
Will you be able to beat all levels successfully and at once? How would you like to prove that? Good luck.


Fireboy: WAD

Watergirl: Up, left and right arrow keys

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