How to play Fish Eat Fish?

There's a lot of fish in the oceans. Some are very big and some are small and cute... He needs to feed on his fish. And what do you think they're eating under the sea? It's a little sad, but big fish eat small fish. The most dangerous of these fish is pirano fish, although very small. Although these fish are very small, they have very small teeth. They can't get enough of it as a general feature of fish. They can eat all the time. In our Fish Eat Fish game, we need to feed these piranas. You have to start with the little fish first. The more you eat the little fish, the bigger the piranes. The bigger you get, the bigger the fish you can eat. You have to remember, if you get caught in a fish bigger than yourself, he'll eat you and you'll lose the game. You'll also win on the score with every fish you eat. You can also play Fish eat fish with your brother or friends. In this game, which can be played for up to 3 people, you have to be careful not to lose fish to your friends. If you lose to them, you can't grow up. Let's see which one of you scores higher.


Player 1: Arrow keys

Player 2:  W A S D

Player 3: Mouse

If you are playing on mobile device touch to screen

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