How to play Fishing Frenzy 

There's a great life deep in the deep blue sea. There's a variety of animals living there. With fishing frenzy, you have to catch as many fish as you can from the sea. The more you catch fish, the more points you earn. Don't forget to share your highest score with us! 

In Fishing Frenzy, the little boy fishing on his boat. He's pulling up the fish he's caught fast. Then he put his worm on the end of his fishing bolt again and fishes again. However, huge sharks roam the sea. These huge sharks don't hurt us, but they eat all the fish where they pass, and we earn fewer points because of them. That's why you can drop bombs on sharks like you see them so you don't lose fish. So you can earn points from a shark you can't hunt! Before I forget, you collect bombs from the sea. 

You can also buy gift boxes from the sea. You get extra points out of these boxes. Try not to kidnap them, too. And I have to tell you the most important part. There's a certain time in the game to get past the episodes. You can collect watches from the sea and take extra time and then collect more points.


If you're playing from a computer, use the W, A, S, D 
If you're playing from a phone or tablet, you can play by clicking on the screen 

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