How to play Fist Bump game?

Before anything else in a fight, it is the fists that fight. But fights are not the only place where punches speak! In this game, you can use the power of your fist and destroy the opponent! How Does? Continue reading.
In the game, two fists opposite each other are punching each other in turn. There will be an image of a punch that you can hit at the right and left corners of the screen. Next to it, there will be a panel with yellow, orange, red, green colors where you can choose your speed.
Of the colors here, green is the best for you! The color you can reduce your opponent's health the most is green. Try to catch the arrow on the pointer as it moves around and cause as much damage to the opponent as possible. You can see how much life you have at the top of the screen.
Show your friend the power of your fist and surprise him in this two player game! Good luck and have fun.



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