How to play Fly Car Stunt 5 game?

Have you ever thought about where our world technology is headed? Flying cars, nitros, racetracks in space are only relevant to races! It's breathtaking to think that all of this happened in space!
Here, in this race, you will enter a space race that you can play with a friend! In this race you will have to drive your flying cars, overcome obstacles and stay in the air as long as possible. You can do this by using your nitro while flying from one path to another. Your time in the air is saved and returns to you as a score!
In this space designed game, you should be careful not to get off the road while racing with cars in the space city. Obstacles in space will appear in the form of huge balls. Overcome all these and pass the game with 10 levels in total and enjoy a better race by upgrading your cars!
Good luck and have fun.


Player 1 Move: ARROW KEYS

Nitro: N

 Look Back: B

 Player 2 Move: WASD


Look Back: C

 Level Restart: R

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