How to play FOOTBALL MASTERS game?

You can play this soccer game with your friend or alone. In both modes, there is a tournament option and friendly match option. Each one will be very fun and exciting separately. Come show that you are the king of this field!
Your goal in this exciting fight accompanied by the audience on the green field is to score goals against the opposing goal. You have an opponent and superpowers that will block you. If your opponent gets these superpowers before you, he will use it to block you. That's why you have to be faster than him!
Sometimes you can use a supervision feature that you both have where you need to be much faster on the field. This ball will be thrown into the opposite goal like a fireball. You should aim to overcome all obstacles and score more goals each time against the opposing goal. Who is a good enough player to achieve this?
Good luck and have fun!


Player 1: WASD Shot: B Supershot: V

Player 2: Arrow keys Shot: L SuperShot: K

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