How to play Forest Brothers ?

Our squirrel brothers, one of the cutest creatures in the animal kingdom, want to go home. But the road home is full of dangers. They need our help, but it won't be enough to help alone. The forest is full of dangers... The squirrel brothers' biggest enemies are doing everything they can to make them go home. Call your best friend or brother and start playing! 
We have to collect the gold while the Forest brothers play. You should get as much gold as you can along the way! So you can have the highest score. Don't forget to share your highest score with us! 
The squirrel brothers can never go apart. You should constantly check the life bars at the bottom of the screen and not get first aid kits when your brother needs them. If your brother dies, so will you. And be careful not to hit the raccoons, and if you do, it's going to hurt a lot.
Forest brothers game literally requires team spirit. The more successful your friend you're playing with, the more successful you'll be. Come on, is it time to prove to everyone what a good team you are? 


Player 1: W A S D
Player 2 : Arrow keys

If you're playing from a phone or tablet, you can play by clicking on the screen. 

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