Game Bubble Pop Adventure


How to play Game Bubble Pop Adentures ?

For starters when playing Game Buble Pop Adventures, we need to aim to drop the most balls. We need to throw the most balls of the same color to the top. So he'll fall on the other balls that depend on him. 
There are many colors and levels. There are balls in many colors at these levels. There's a huge catap of catapes to throw these cannons. As long as you aim the right way, you can easily play Game Bubble Pop Adventures. You'll love the game when you learn to aim by calculating tab statuses as well. 
The one who throws the balls is a very sweet mushroom boy, and some of his friends come up to him through the balls we dropped. The more we make new friends, the happier our sweet mushroom child is. Let's find a lot of friends for our sweet mushroom boy. 

You can change the color of the balls from the side of the cataply. So you can postpone the ball that doesn't work for you to use in the next shot. Don't forget you have the right to shoot a certain number of shots in each level! Therefore, the color change feature will be very useful. 

The fewer balls you use, the more points you earn. Try to finish the episodes with at least 3 stars! 
Don't forget to share the highest scores I've ever made with us!


Click on the screen with Mouse .
If you're playing from a phone or tablet, you can play by clicking on the screen .


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