How to play Get On Top Touch game?

Stickman characters got into a fight this time too! Neither of them calm down and they don't end the fight. So come and fight with them!
The characters holding together with their arms have only one purpose. Blow the other's head off! Yes, you did not hear wrong! You will try to lay down your opponent with the keyboard keys. Wondering what happens when his head hits the ground? Get in the game and see for yourself!
The character who manages to destroy his opponent will get a plus point. The first character to reach 11 points will win the game! While this fight is scary, you will have a lot of fun! Try to play with your friend!
Concentration is very important! If you don't focus well, you will die! Try to beat your opponent right away, because you are both equally strong. The resourceful wins!
Good luck fighters!


Player 1: WAD

Player 2: Arrow keys

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