How to play GHOST WIPER game?

One day the two brothers received a call. The voice on the phone asked them for something. A very mysterious task fell on the two brothers. All they have to do is enter a huge haunted house and hunt the fairies! It looks so spooky! But the two brothers were not afraid and went to the haunted house. The creatures and mysteries in the house make their job difficult. They must pass all 20 levels to complete the job.
So there are 20 rooms to clean! This may seem tiring to you, but the hosts need you fearless brothers!
Both of your characters are on the top of the screen. You can see how many lives you have left here. In the first stage, you are shown which keys to play.
Clean all rooms from ghosts and let the landlord return home with peace of mind! Can you do this? Call the friend you want to cooperate with and enter the haunted house.
Good luck, fearless brothers!



Little Brother: Move: "W,A,S,D" Laser gun: "F" Hide: "S"

Elder Brother: Move: "ARROW KEYS" Throw / Pick-up Box: "K" Throw Trap: "L" Hide: "Down Arrow Key''

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