How to play Giant Rush game?

Are you ready for a stickman game with 50 levels in total and you will knock down a king at the end of each level? Stickmans feel that you are already very excited! Immediately enter the game and start playing!
There will be a lot of stickmans on one platform in the game. These stickmans are yellow, pink and green in color. Your stickman character will run towards them from the opposite direction on the road where they are standing. You have to grow your character by collecting stickmans of your own color.
The color of your character will change when you come to the areas with magic circles. Sometimes it can even be a rainbow! If this happens, you can collect all the stickman characters. After overcoming the obstacles on the way, you must tattoo the king at the end of the road and take down his crown! Because you are the king!
Good luck and have fun.


Hold the mouse

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