How to play Glowit - Two Players game?

Your friend and you will have a lot of fun with this great game! You will play this game for hours!
Your goal is to press a button before starting the game. Thus, the wheel will start to spin and it will be determined on which platform you will race. You will encounter surprises in different stages!
If the glass image appears, you are trying to get your objects into the glass one by one. Moreover, you do this sequentially and calmly. But let's face it, this is crazy!
What will happen if the ball comes, for example? If the ball comes in, you will play a soccer match! You will shoot alternately and try to get the ball into the opposite goal!
What about the other stages? If you are curious, come and play! We guarantee this game is the best! So what's your opinion? Play and share your opinion!
Have fun!



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