How to play GOLD MINER BROS game?

Ready to be a miner? In this game, you will collect gold with your friend and compete with each other. The amount of gold the two miners collected will be written under their characters.
You will start from the first level in this game with two miner levels. Each level will give you some missions. These will show you how much gold you need to collect at that stage. When you're ready, the game will start and the miners will get to work!
In some stages, there will be a chest each. There will be useful things for you in these chests. Collect them and see what's inside! You will also have super powers in the game. For example, you will use dynamite to blow up stones you don't want to collect.
Complete the task before the time given to you runs out and reach the amount of gold you need to collect. Good luck.


Player 1: S

Player 2: Down arrow key

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