How to play grate cut slice game ?

What would have happened if you'd started working in a very large, crowded restaurant? You're too novice, so you're going to have to start with simpler things. It's like doing a lot of pre-prep, for example... You have to chop all the fruits and vegetables all the time. The faster you finish, the faster the customers' meals are prepared. That's why you have to be so fast.

There's a counter on the top that fills up as you chop the products. When this counter is 100, you win the division. But there are obstacles where if your knife is worth it to them, your knife will break and you'll lose the section. You're not supposed to get caught up in these obstacles when you're trying to cut too fast.

When you play Grate Cut Slice Game, you can play with your best friend or brother if you want. If you're not going to play alone, you're going to have to select the multiplayer part from the start screen. This time when the game starts there will be 2 knives 2 boards and 2 counters. Whoever fills the counter first will be the boiler of the section. Let's see which one of you wins more episodes. Let's get started! Who do you think's going to win?


Click on the screen with Mouse .
If you're playing from a phone or tablet, you can play by clicking on the screen .

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