How to play GROWING FISH game?

Many fish live in the seas, lakes and rivers. These fish are in large and small sizes. As we dive deeper, we come across many different types of fish.
This game serves exactly this purpose. Moreover, this game can be played with not one, but three people! Yes, you did not hear wrong! You can play this game with your friends!
You should start by eating fish for your own size. You will be able to eat other fish as you grow. Try not to feed fish bigger than you!
Different fish bring different scores. Drag your survival at the top right of the screen. Compete with your other friends! Defeat them and become the king of fish!
Do not attempt to eat fish that you are not sure you can eat! You can be bait.
Good luck, little fish!


Player 1: Arrow Keys

Player 2: W,A,S,D

Player 3: Mouse

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