How to play Guess Who Multiplayer game?

Guess who it is! So how? Let's briefly explain this game where you can play both against the computer and multiplayer.
When starting the game, you will choose a character. This character will appear on the right of the screen. You will then see some questions at the bottom of the screen. These are questions you have to answer. Because there is no other way to guess!
There are many different characteristics of the characters to guess. For example, some are women and some are men. Some wear glasses, some do not.
When you play against the computer, after the characters are selected, you will start asking your question. Some characters will be crossed out according to the answers to the questions. The computer will then ask you a question and you will answer it.
We wish you good luck. You have to minimize the options and make an estimate. If you are not the first correct guess, you will lose the game.
Have fun!



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