How to play HANGMAN game?

Get ready for a game where you will hang the stickman. Or will you be the hanged? Where will the excitement of this game be? Come and find out by playing!
You can play this game up to 4 people according to your wishes. After making your choice, you must choose the topics you want in this game. These will be about shapes, colors, professions, fruits, animals, and more.
You can choose any topic if you want. If you want, you can choose a single topic to be easier. After choosing, you will come across some words and alphabets. You will try to guess the gap given. You must know 10 words in each level.
If you have selected all the topics, the subject you need to guess will be written on your screen. Take turns playing this game with your friends and watch them lose!
You will select the letters in order. If that letter appears in the word, you will continue. But if it doesn't, the stickman will be drawn slowly to hang. Each time you make a wrong choice, an organ of the stickman will be drawn on a rope.
Good luck and have fun!



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