Have you ever used a gun before, determined your style? But have you ever chosen where to fight?
Here you are about to play a game that brings it all together!
Decide how many people to play with while waiting for the game to load. If you are alone, show your skills against the computer.
When the game is opened, select the number of players with the keys on the screen.
Identify your own character and that of the opponent player.
Choose the battlefield where you will defeat your opponent.
Experience the height of excitement with your powerful opponents in this challenging map. Learn about war, weapons and escape!
Jump between the steps on the map and dodge your opponent's bullets.
Ambush and attack from behind!
If you haven't played a game like this, now is the time to try it!
Come and have your gun speak. Make everyone afraid of you and your gun and run away!
Good Luck because you will need this!


Player 1: Move: ARROW KEYS Fire: M Bomb: N

Player 2: Move:W, A, S, D Fire: H Bomb: G

Player 3: Move: I, J, K, L Fire: P Bomb: O

Player 4: Move: 4,5,6,8 NUMPAD Fire: NUM 0 Bomb: NUM 1

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