How to play Hereos of match 3 ?

Our powerful king is ready to fight anyone to protect his people! Our king, whose kingdom is under great attack, is doing everything in his power to send them back. But the kingdom covers a very large area. 
Our king, who has lost a lot of land because of the mistakes of his soldiers, believes that with your support, he can take back his land.  Thus, the people of the kingdom will continue to live happily as before.
The king remembered the old days... 
His people were hard-working. The kids were always cheerful. When he came out of his balcony and looked at his people, he always saw them happy. He'd be very happy, too. Now when he came out of his balcony, he saw his people exhausted and tired. That's why he wanted to get it all back. 
Let's help our king! With every game we win and the enemy we defeat, our people will gradually return home.
When you play Hereos of match 3, you have to match at least 3 desserts. As you make pairings, the other desserts that are in the order take the load. The more loads he has, the more the number of desserts equal to him, but the loads disappear immediately! You have to make good use of them! 
The fun part is the batch pairings! 
Each dessert has a different bonus in bulk pairings. The more you play these bonuses, the more you'll get used to them. 
Let's get started!


Click on the screen with Mouse
If you're playing from a phone or tablet, you can play by clicking on the screen 

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