How to play HEX-A-MONG game?

Get ready for a brand new adventure! We are taking you to space! Your spaceship is holding a fun. As you start the game, you will move on the hexagonal panels. If you stop or slow down while on these panels, you fall down. Touched hexagons disappear within 1 second. You have to run without stopping. The platform is 3 floors. So this means you have the right to fall twice. If you fall three times you will lose the game!
The game can be played with two people. If you want to increase the fun, try this mode!
You can see the floors you fell and your score on the right of the screen. At the end of the game, you can see your score. Survive as long as you can without falling into a black hole. Jump over the obstacles you get stuck! You will spend your time in a fun way with this space game!
Have fun!


Player 1 Move: WASD keys Jump: Q

Player 2 Move: ARROW keys Jump: Space

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