How to play Hoop Star?

Where are you guys who love to play basketball? Get together here! We have a great game for you!

Our Hoop Star game is different from the regular basketball game! Are you ready to discover how? Normally we have to shoot baskets in the basket while playing basketball, right? Yeah! But now our aim is not to shoot basketball like in a classic basketball game.

We have a moving pot while playing Hoop Star. You will direct this moving crucible. Our basketball players were out of training. They have a little difficulty when shooting baskets in the basket. I think they need some morale. Let's catch the basketballs they throw to raise their morale by moving the basket!

You will earn points as you catch basketball balls in Hoop Star game. The point system earns you 1 point if the ball hits the basket. If it doesn't touch the sides of the crucible, you get 2 points. Flaming balls earn the highest score. It gives you exactly 3 points!

So what will these points do? There are different basketballs in the game. As we collect points and get new basketballs, I'm sure the basebol team in the back will be much happier.


Click the screen with the mouse.
If you are playing from a phone or tablet, you can play by clicking the screen.

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