How to play IMPOSTOR game?

The Impostor game is a game that has become very popular among young people recently. Strategy and treason are very important in this game! You will become a seemingly friendly impostor. For this you have to catch the crewmates alone!
The game has a number of impostors with adjustable features. There are impostors according to your choice in this game, which is played with up to ten people. These impostors work collaboratively to kill the crewmaets. Nobody knows they are traitors!
When the Impostors catch you alone in a room, they will kill you silently. You, on the other hand, become a spirit and you can move between the rooms. At the end of the game, those who live by collective voting try to find the impostor. The multi-vote contestant is thrown from the spaceship and you can see if he is an impostor!
Good luck and have fun.


WASD and Mouse

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