How to play Island Monster Offroad game?

Choose your monster trucks to race on the island and add some color to this boring city! Pick your monster trucks as soon as possible and show how good a driver you are. Call your friend and find out about his monster truck preference in this game for two players!
This game is a car driving game designed with 3D graphics. In this game where you are in a city, you can pass through various obstacles in the city, drive your car at full speed on circle-shaped tracks, turn in any direction you want from various mountain roads and pass between huge boxes!
You will have a superpower that you can use in this game that will improve your mastery of the car. This will help you increase your speed. You can follow your speed from both corners of the screen and adjust your maneuvers accordingly. Use the keys of the keyboard to prevent your monster car from sliding and make the right move in the right place!
 Good luck and have fun.


PLAYER 1: Move: "W,A,S,D" Power: "N"

PLAYER 2: Move: "Arrow Keys" Power: "L"

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