How to play JANISSARY BATTLES game?

Soldiers, it's time to fight for your country. If we do not succeed in this war, our country will lose its independence! A challenging task awaits you to save our country and its people. But you trained for it!
Your goal in this game for two players is to destroy the opponent's castle. So kill him. You will do this with the balls you throw. When you pull your ball backwards you will be able to adjust the angle. You will be able to adjust your speed as well as the angle. When it comes to you again, you will see the angle and speed you set the previous hand. You can get better shots using this.
You will get one point for each successful shot. You can see this at the bottom of the screen. Then you will start the other hand and the battle will continue where you left off. Keep in mind your angle and speed. Otherwise your opponent will win the war!
Protect your country and yourself in the best way possible. Good luck soldiers!



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