How to play Jewel Dash?

Where do you think shiny and precious metals come from?

Special working areas are set up under the ground. These areas are also called mines. Many people work meticulously in these mines and mine precious metals to the earth. Does it end with that? No! Processing these precious stones also takes quite a long time. These precious gemstones from the hands of many craftsmen turn into the most precious jewels.

Our duty here will be mining. We have to go down to the mine and collect the points required for each level. However, we have to be very careful. The subtitle of the screen has a counter. There is also a bomb at the end of this meter. When this bomb explodes, we have to be out of the mine. You must collect as many gems as you can before this counter runs out.

In order to collect these jewels, all you have to do is to explode 3 of the same color mines together. This blasting should be at least 3. In order to get extra points, you have to blast a group of jewels with 3 in the bar filled. Bonuses will be added as you jump through the levels. Don't forget to take advantage of these too!


Click the screen with the mouse.
If you are playing from a phone or tablet, you can play by clicking the screen.

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