How to play JEWELRY SHOP game?

Making jewelry in a jewelry store is every girl's dream! We would like to see and show our talents and abilities. We believe that we will make the most beautiful jewelry. Here is the right time to prove it!
Moreover, jewelry will not be the only thing you will do in this game! When starting the game, you will choose one of the 3 girls and you will choose everything from her makeup to her jewelry.
You can go in the order you want. For example, if you choose a necklace, you will see 6 kylas that need to be healed. Choose one and cover all the flaws, then choose the color of the necklace. Process and paint the details.
If you want, you can put various decorations on the details. The sizes and angles of these are entirely up to you.
Choose the shape of the other details and move on to another stage you want. You can find anything in this game! Your dreams in a single game!
Have fun!



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