In this game, you will go on an adventure that you can play with your friends online. Sign up for this minecrafty-like game and keep your progress!
You will see some blocks in various places in the game. These can be bricks, woods for building a house. In some places, there will be super powers that will increase your speed or allow you to fly.
You must renew these blocks each time. Each block has a certain usage number and you can follow it from the right of the screen.
You can also see the houses made by other players. You may even encounter them. If you want, you can enter this game simultaneously with your friends and create the world you want with each other.
Have fun.



W - Move forward

S - Move backward

A - Move left

D - Move right

Space - Jump

Left Mouse Button - Place Cubes.

V - Drop Cube Gun

Q - Holster Cube Gun

K - Respawn.

Esc or M - Menu/Quit

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