How to play LOETANKS game?

Your country was suddenly attacked and went to war. The forces of both countries are exhausted. There are two tanks left. The winner will win the war and take over the other country. You are the soldier using this tank! To save your country, you have to destroy the opposing tank as quickly as possible.
You can play with your friend to increase the fun and excitement of the game. There are two player options.
When you start the game, you will have two options. One of them is for movement and the other is for you to shoot. If you see that your opponent always hits you with the same tactic and never misses, you should move. But every time you move, it will turn to your opponent. That's why you should also shoot.
You should know where your opponent is and adjust your shot angle and speed accordingly. This country needs you.
Good luck soldiers. Adjust your strategy, namely your angle and speed, well. If you're having trouble, try getting closer. But remember, this opponent will also have an advantage.




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