How to play LOST PYRAMID game?

Are you ready for an adventure inside mummies filled pyramids? In this game you will be able to play with a friend and double the fun.
Mummies inside the pyramids have suddenly come to life and are looking for food people on this platform! You have to get over them and finish the game.
In this game with levels, the first three sections will be open, but you have to open and play the others. One of the characters is a girl and one is a boy. Select your character before it starts and explore your features by following the in-game instructions.
You can see your health and remaining magazine on a panel that divides the screen up and down in the game. You have to complete the levels before you run out of lives. You can kill them by stepping on the mummies on the platform.
Good luck and have fun.


Girl: Arrow keys Shoot:

Boy: WASD  Shoot: K

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