How to play LOTUS FLOWERS SLIDE game?

Who likes to puzzle? So how about puzzle of flowers? This will be a lot of fun.
You will come across some pictures of the lotus flower. You can choose whichever of these three pictures you like. Would you like a cartoon-like puzzle or is it more realistic? What do you say to the bird in the puzzle you will do? Here you can adjust all of these.
Then there is the ease difficulty level on the pictures. This means a bigger puzzle or a smaller puzzle. Which one can you do faster? If you are confident, choose the biggest!
This is not a normal puzzle game. The picture you choose will be divided into parts and mixed automatically. You will try to make the picture the original. You can see the original image by pressing the eye icon on the right screen. If you wish, you can start over.
Finish the puzzle as soon as possible and move on to other stages! Thanks to this game, you can improve your intelligence and evaluate your time!
Have fun!



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