How to play Love Tester game?

Not being sure of our feelings always hurts us, isn't it? Often times we even forget to be happy. Love is at the top of these feelings! Love is a very important feeling for all of us. But we cannot be sure of its existence or its response.
Here is a game that will make it easier for you when we are not sure. This game will show you your potential love status. You can test whether your love is real or not! Do you think you are compatible with your love? Or are you just friends? Come and test it.
You can also bring a friend. So he can test it too.
The logic of the game is very simple. Install the game and press the play button.
Then you will see two spaces on the screen that appears. These blanks are for your names!
You will write your names in the space that is the heart and test it! We told you, you can play the game very easily!
The results can make you sad or happy! Come test your love, young lovers!
Good luck!


Mouse and left click.

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