How to play LOVELY VIRTUAL DOG game?

We've all said at least once, if only I had been born as an animal. Maybe a dog! You will also be a cute dog in this game! Let's see what you will do in a day.
First, you will be born in the kitchen. If you press the refrigerator, you will see many foods you can buy. You will have a certain amount of money in the beginning. Choose whatever best suits your eyes and eat!
There are also some materials in the cabinets. Combine the ingredients to see what you can do with them!
If you want, you can go to the living room with a fireplace. Here you can play games that make money on TV! These coins are very important for buying food!
Our next room is the bathroom! Here you can choose one of the 3 shampoos you want and take a bath. You can brush your teeth and comb your hair.
Our other room is the bedroom. Surely you will sleep here. But come and see for yourself what other things you can do. This will be a lot of fun!
Have fun!



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