How to play LUDO CLASSIC game?

This ludo game is a game that can be played with two, three or four people. It is possible to play with all your friends in a single game with this game!
When starting the game you will be able to choose the number of players and the color of the player's pieces. There must be one of each color, and the colors are blue, green, yellow, and red. Choose your favorite color and start the game.
Ludo is a board game and each player has 4 stones. These stones are in everyone's own field. In order for these pieces to reach the game board, the dice you rolled must come to 6. The player who throws 6 can land his first piece on the game board. He can move this piece as many as the number of dice he rolls next.
If a player has more than one stone on the board, he can move any of them. Your aim is to collect each stone in the area specified by your color in the middle of the board. If any player lands on your piece while on the board, that piece will return to the starting area.
Good luck.



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