How to play MAZE TOWER game?

One day, while the two adventurers are walking through the forest, the wind sends them a letter. After reading what is written in the letter, they realize that a new adventure awaits them. They must reach the tower in the letter immediately.
In these two adventurous levels, they have to go through platforms, each one different from each other. There are some obstacles on this platform. These are thorny paths, various creatures, flames from the ground ...
You can play this game for two people or one person. It also has racing and adventurous modes. Call your friend too and beat the platforms in this tower in the best way possible!
Each of you has three lives. If you lose all three lives on the platform, you will start over. To complete the level, you must reach the purple marked place at the end of the level.
Good luck.


Player 1: WASD and F

Player 2: Arrow keys and L

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