How to play Mermaids Puzzle game?

Girls! You will love this game! We know that the cover art captivated you. Come play our game too! Press the start button. After you press, levels will appear. Do not rush. You can play them all. Of course, in time! The numbers that appear when you open the first level are the puzzle piece numbers. Let him start with 100 pieces that are confident. The parts will be shuffled automatically. You have to do this puzzle again. Puzzle is great! Don't worry if you don't have real puzzles! With this game, you can puzzle with great pictures that are close to reality. What are you waiting for! Start the game now and start combining these beautiful pictures! You will see 12 different mermaids in the levels you encounter. Do you believe in mermaids? Come and get to know them better! Have fun and lots of fun!


Use your mouse.

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