How to play MICRO TANK WARS game?

In this game, your goal is to destroy the opponent tank by using your tank. You will do this with the bullets in your tank. Your first goal in the labyrinth track should be to catch your opponent!
When you see him, you must avoid the bullets he fired and hit yours. Or it can destroy your tank! Don't worry if you run out of leads. These are reloaded after a certain period of time and you can shoot.
Meanwhile, you must avoid the shots from your opponent's tank. Or you will be caught off guard!
There are two-player options to enjoy the game more. Call a friend and determine your strategies. Will you run or attack? These can be tactics that will make you win.
It must be difficult to both protect the tank and attack the enemy. So with whom will he be able to achieve this? Come and prove it. Experience the excitement at its peak with this war game.
Good luck!



Player 1: "W,A,S,D" and "Q"

Player 2: "Arrow Keys" and "M"

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