Do you like Minecraft game? Yes? Then this game is for you! Classic Minecraft game! Explore everywhere and discover everything! Lots of fun, lots of adventure and lots of craft waiting for you! Collect fruits, eat meat, build a house, make a gun, fight with spiders and create your own life!
A castle, a palace or a tiny house.. Do whatever you want! Go where your imagination takes you! Be careful not to look into Slenderman's eye! And don't forget about the guys with arrow! 
Try not to get damaged! Because you can die at any time! Be very careful in your new life!


WASD or Arrow Keys: Move

Left Shift: Sprint

Mouse: Look

Scroll Wheel: Switch Block

Space: Jump

Right Mouse Button: Place Block

Left Mouse Button: Destroy Block

Middle Mouse Button: Get Highlighted Block

E: View In

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