How to play MINERS ADVENTURE game?

Have you ever thought how to be a miner? Or have you ever witnessed the difficulties a miner faced? In this game, you will be a miner and you will go on an adventure!
This is a little girl's adventure with a miner. Discuss which character you will choose with your friend and start the game. There will be some items for the little girl and miner to collect in the game.
These are a shining blue metal and gold. To collect the gold, the miner has to use his pickaxe. The little girl has a blue object to collect in the levels. It is written on both sides of the screen that you need to collect some of these mines.
Do not forget to shoot or use your bomb if necessary for the obstacles you encounter in the game. Walk around this mine with stairs and complete the missions given to you. Good luck and have fun.


Player 1: WASD Shot: F Whip : G Use key: T

Player 2: Arrow keys Dig: K Grenade: L Use key: T

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