MiniBattles - 2 3 4 5 6 Player Games


How to play MiniBattles - 2 3 4 5 6 Player Games game?

The surprises you encounter in this multiplayer game will leave your mouth open! You ask why?
Because there are different levels in the game and you cannot even guess them! Let's give you a few examples.
In one episode you will be a pilot! A pilot who drives spaceship! You will shoot at your opponent, collect objects and try to beat your opponent.
In another episode, you will be little cute monsters. There will be obstacles in your way. One of them is bombs! If you catch them, you will slow down!
While your character is constantly turning around, your goal is to press the button at the right moment and push the opponent out of the field. You can play with one button. The only thing to watch out for is where your character is going!
It might seem easy but come and play! You have a chance to encounter other surprises!
Have fun!


 Player 1 = Button "C"

Player 2 = Button "N"

Player 3 = Button "P"

Player 4 = Button "Q"

Player 5 = Button "LEFT"

Player 6 = Button "RIGHT"

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