How to play MINICARS SOCCER game?

In this game, you will combine mini cars with sports and have fun! Focus on scoring and discover the game in this game for two players!
In this game for two players, you will choose your cars after choosing the player option. At this stage, there will be a screen where you can see the features of the cars. Here you will choose the characteristics of the cars such as power, speed, maximum speed. Choose the best car for you and enter the field!
You can also choose your bonuses and ball in the game before starting the game. Everything will be as you set in this game and you will be guaranteed maximum fun!
If you want to change these options in-game, you can do that too! The game will count down and the competition will begin with the sound of the whistle. The player who throws the ball into the opponent's goal will earn one score each time.
Good luck.


Player 1: Arrow keys

Player 2: WASD

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